It’s never too late

to live and feel


Chiropractic adds years to your life
and life to your years

“I would estimate that at least
90% of world class athletes use
Chiropractic on a regular basis
to prevent injuries and to improve
their performance.”

Dr Sean Atkins, PhD
Exercise Physiologist

Top 5 Reasons parents
take their children
to see a Chiropractor

  • -  Improve spinal posture
  • -  Improve sleep
  • -  Improve concentration
  • -  Improve behaviour and emotional well-being
  • -  Improve immune system function

The American Pregnancy Association
cites that Chiropractic care
during pregnancy:

  • -  Relieves back and joint pain
  • -  Maintains a healthier pregnancy
  • -  Controls symptoms of nausea
  • -  Reduces the time of LABOR and DELIVERY

Live Again! Free yourself

from back pain


We treat the cause of pain, rather than
chase the symptoms.

Your health is your


Continually supporting you in your quest for

Health, Strength & Vitality

Have the Best Possible

Start in Life

Gentle care
for the whole family…

Achieve Life-Changing Results with Bodyworks Chiropractic!

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Chiropractic is the fastest-growing and the second-largest primary health care profession in the world. Every year, tens of millions of people worldwide routinely opt for Chiropractic care and this number is still growing rapidly!

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About Us

Put yourself in good hands. Bodyworks Chiropractic can drastically improve your quality of life…

We are focused on quality care. We are dedicated in helping patients in Singapore find natural ways to restore spinal stability, avoid back surgeries, and spending endless hours and money doing temporary fixes.

Our mission is to inspire patients with an alternative, vitalistic approach to health and to provide effective support to help them make positive lifestyle choices.

Contact us today and discover an effective, drug-free and surgery-free approach to better health.

Meet Our Doctors

Our Services

  • Chiropractic

    A doctor of Chiropractic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal and joint related problems, and their effects on the nerves and surrounding muscles.

  • Spinal Decompression Therapy

    The Spinal Decompression Treatment Program is a comprehensive program to create lasting results. Patients typically experience significant improvements within 15-25 treatments.

  • Posture Correction And Ergonomics

    Chiropractors are experts at analyzing posture relating to spinal problems. A simple yet effective Chiropractic check-up allows us to detect any imbalances in the body, especially from a young age, and correct them before the body has a chance to grow into the poor posture.

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Our Patients Voice

Dr Sherry has been a wonderful physician and doctor in my treatment journey. Not only did the adjustments helped in reducing the pain in my lower and upper back, and my headaches, I also benefited from the exercises taught by Dr. Sherry.
Jun Pei
Dr Simon has been able to identify the problem and slowly rectify my shoulder ache making me feel more refreshed each time after my visit.

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