Our Patient's Voice — Griselda

Griselda Image

Date: 30th May, 2017     Attending Doctor: Dr Sherry Wang

Describe your overall health prior to your care:

Restrictive. There was always certain movements that I was not able to do/bend as my back would be painful.

Worrying. With each passing month, the pain in my back always seemed to be there and the frequency of pain was not getting lesser. It came to a point where it was constantly pain for a few weeks, that I decided to consult a chiropractor.

How has Chiropractic benefited your health?

I have seen improvements in the that pain that was constant in my lower back, though not totally gone, the pain has lessened significantly. Chiropractic has taken off the mental stress I had in regards to my back as Dr. Sherry was always there to hear my problems. Thank you!