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Below are testimonials from patients who wanted to share their stories since receiving chiropractic care from us. Read how Bodyworks Chiropractic has helped many patients eliminate their pain and get them back to living a normal life. Send us your testimonial, we thrive on feedback!

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The pain has almost gone. My posture has improved… Dr David is great. He genuinely cares.

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I am now able to perform my daily activities better without those aches. I also feel my sleep quality has increased.

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It has made me understand and appreciate quality of life.

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Mobility increased tremendously from having pain while walking to being able to run 5km twice a week.

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Jun Pei

Dr Sherry has been a wonderful physician and doctor in my treatment journey. Not only did the adjustments helped in reducing the pain in my lower and upper back, and my headaches, I also benefited from the exercises taught by Dr. Sherry.

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Keith Image


I have improvement after the treatment especially on my lower back!

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The pain has lessened significantly. Chiropractic has taken off the mental stress I had in regards to my back as Dr. Sherry was always there to hear my problems. Thank you!

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Priscilla Image


At least this is a much better alternative compared to having a second SURGERY!!! :)

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Poh Eng

So as weeks and months gone by under his care I have been feeling much better and can sleep lying on the left side of my body whereas I couldn’t before the treatment.

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Sook Nil

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I was not able to find anybody that could cure my frozen shoulder despite going to many different therapy…. After about 20 sessions, my shoulder almost reached full recovery and I could finally move my shoulder/hand around freely and could even carry heavy things.

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Boon Pah Image

Boon Pah

I am glad that I did chiropractic which otherwise I would have to undergo surgery.

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Ramon Image


I have not felt any tingling feeling in my legs or feet in 3 weeks! Also, maintaining a good posture is much more comfortable now.

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Voon Yen Image

Voon Yen

The pain with the hip is subdued and when I practice Tai-Chi again, my movement is more natural and easy.

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Irene Image


With his caring and meticulous treatment, I have recovered substantially after 4 months of treatment. I noticed that I have a better quality of life after the treatment.

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Yong Hui Image

Yong Hui

Only after 3 visits to Dr Simon my back pain problem improved significantly… In the past few months I rarely encountered back pain problems.

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Parsee Image


My aches have tremendously reduced and I am not hurting anymore. My posture has improved and I don’t have to hunch anymore.

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Aji Image


Thanks to Dr. Simon for providing appropriate treatment for my stiff shoulder and neck. I also had the skewness of spine corrected that makes me feel comfortable and made me 3cm taller.

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Sue-Ann Image


I can train with the confidence that any minor injuries I sustain along the way will be quickly treated and I can resume dancing safely again.

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Angelina Image


The knee miraculously healed and the pain went away on the first treatment!

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Amirah Image


I felt more energetic each day since I no longer have to bear with the pain. Attending chiropractic has made me more relieved and refreshed.

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Herman Image


My back problem is completely resolved. No more pain and I can walk steadily now!

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Guat Eng

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Fritzie Image


The treatment have “amazingly” relieved me. The “painful” life (back pain) has gone without taking a dose of medicine.

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Gloria Image


My neck pain is reduced significantly. I can move my neck freely now… My lower back pain was relieved after 6 weeks adjustments… I am more mobile nowadays.

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Rynise Image


Chiropractic did change my daily life and now I can sit and stand for long hours without feeling the pain.

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Luceno Image


Since receiving treatment from Dr David, the pain around my ankles, in my legs, and hips have disappeared. The pain in my back has also subsided significantly, I can walk better, I can sit properly.

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Alice Image


After several treatments my back and shoulder was healed… The pain on my leg is much lesser. With Chiropractic I am happy because I do not have to take medicine, injection, or operation.

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Veronique Image


During my pregnancy the pain was different and evolved; Dr David was great at adapting the treatment to the pregnancy. I always feel great after an adjustment.

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Elijah Image


After treatment I felt taller… I can run without pain now.

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Norela Image


Chiropractic has really made me understand my body’s anatomy and their functions especially the spine or backbone. And I feel more refreshed and energised after every treatment.

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Crystal Image


After the 1st chiropractic treatment session, it was a miracle - I felt my neck and right shoulder were painless. After a few treatments, I realize my migraine does not attack frequently and both legs are no longer numb when sitting on the chair or floor.

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Ryan Image


Today my lower back pain is gone and if it does come back, it isn’t as painful as before. I already know the root cause and know how to address it.

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Lynn Image


Dr Simon has been able to identify the problem and slowly rectify my shoulder ache making me feel more refreshed each time after my visit.

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Kian Soon Image

Kian Soon

No more pain or tinkling sensation. Can sit down properly to work, and sleep without any pain. Currently, I can run for 4.5km three times per week.

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Cherrie Image


Since having chiropractic care I have noticed that my back and neck pain is significantly reduced. My knee pain is gone, migraine headaches attack is lesser and became mild.

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Judy Image


Within the first two months, I have three time a week adjustments, I have been able to have a full night rest, the pain in my neck has decreased significantly. Now the result is minimal to no pain. I felt more energy through the day and also given me a feeling of “lightness”.

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Kenny Image


The good news is that after few initial treatments, I started to feel improvement on my lower back. The frequency of pain and numbness has decreased significantly over time, which I feel happy about.

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Boon Cheng Image

Boon Cheng

Now, I have less pain and sometimes no pain on my shoulder blade. I sleep better at night and I am also to balance myself better when I walk. My spine is also more upright and the hump on my left back is also much flatter compared to the past.

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Sok Eng Image

Sok Eng

After 15 sessions of Chiropractic, the pain on her lower back had decreased. She is able to walk for longer hours now. Just after 1 session on her neck alignment, she could turn to her right side while sleeping.

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Mei Wah

Since I visited Bodyworks in February 2014 until now (late March), I can walk to my office without pain. And the nights have been more peaceful and sweet as I can now sleep better without pain.

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Rosselle Image


I now have a more restful sleep and less waking up during the night. I’ve become more balanced and flexible, standing on both feet and equally distributing my weight as I feel a stronger left side of my body. I find myself in a straight posture most of the time and find it easy to get back to the proper position whenever I find myself slouching.

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Willy Image


The treatment had no doubt benefited me in many ways! Thanks to Chiropractic, the aches and pain has been tremendously reduced. I am able to now breathe to my maximum effortlessly.

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Fenty Image


I started the Chiropractic treatment about 4 months ago and since then I starting feeling better. It improved both my movement and my bowels.

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Kelly Image


I get much relief from each adjustment from Dr David. Over time, it feels that my neck has strengthened!

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Yung Yung Image

Yung Yung

My breathing has become a lot smoother than my usual panting while walking short distances. I am able to sleep better now.

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Normah Image


Since I started the adjustments, I have not had any headaches and have not taken any painkillers! Even now when I am under a lot of stress, I don’t have headaches anymore.

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Sheila Image


Instant relief from 2 years of muscle pain. I can now play physical games with my son and friends without worrying about pain.

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Jin Hwui

After Dr. David’s treatment, I have recovered very fast and the pain is generally gone. Kudos to Dr. David for an awesome job done!

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Hong Leng

The degree of pain has dropped from 10 to 2. I am now able to sleep well and my health has improved a lot.

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Charissa Image


After Dr David’s treatment, the numbness was gone and I could resume my normal activity. Really thank doctor for his effective treatment!

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