Our Patient's Voice — Crystal

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Date: 10th January, 2015     Attending Doctor: Dr Sherry Wang

I used to have migraines and numbness of both legs regularly. Every time, migraines started from my right neck traveling upward to half of right-side head. From light to extremely pain whole day and the only thing that I take is panadol to relieve the excruciating pain. The pain have occur me many year when I started first job. Until 2 years ago, my pain extended at the back of right hand shoulder. I used to be right-handed person work in the office with my computer and most of the time sitting. The condition was rapidly getting worse and interrupt my work, lifestyle and sleeping. I seldom went to acupuncture or tui na TCM because I fear of pain.

Few months back, my friend told me to seek a Chiropractor instead of consulting a doctor regularly for painkillers. I researched what is chiropractic treatment like, what happens after the treatment? I got to know Dr Sherry, during a road show at Expo. Dr Sherry explained to me the poor posture spine that would be root causes. I visited the clinic and after X-ray diagnose, I have multiple problems revealed along with imbalance on my both side legs. I decided to take up the chiropractic treatment program. 

Dr Sherry advised me on the exercise and the dietary, nutrition advice. Eg: Cut down coffee 1 cup in a day because I am a heavy coffee-drinker, which can take up 3 to 4 cup a days. After the 1st chiropractic treatment session, it was a miracle - I felt my neck and right shoulder were painless. After a few treatments, I realize my migraine does not attack frequently and both legs are no longer numb when sitting on the chair or floor. Continual follow up every week on spinal adjustment, I discover my body reacting well and able to move easier around. I feel my posture look up and sit straight all the times. In the workplace, I am able to work well and handle thing faster.

Special thanks to Dr Sherry personalized and targeted my complicated spinal adjustment with her professional skills. 

I look forward to each session with Dr Sherry.