Our Patient's Voice — Kenny

Kenny Image

Date: 27th September, 2014     Attending Doctor: Dr Sherry Wang

In early 2009, my lower back was hurt, was treated by a physiotherapist, and the acute pain was gone. Despite the disappearance of acute pain, I do experience series of lower back pain, and numbness in one (or both) leg(s) from time to time, since then. Later on, I sought further check-up with a bone specialist in Indonesia, and I was diagnosed by a condition, called ‘Lumbar Spondylosis’ and the specialist told me that there is nothing much could be done for this condition, other than slowing down the degenerative process.

Back in October 2014, I accidentally met Dr. Sherry Wang at a roadshow, and she & her team did a basic check-up on my spine structure. After the check-up, I was recommended to try the chiropractic treatment, and I decided to give it a try (who knows it works?).

The good news is that after few initial treatments, I started to feel improvement on my lower back. The frequency of pain and numbness has decreased significantly over time, which I feel happy about. I also feel that my spine curvature has improved as well, which will work wonder for my condition too. Now, I am still under the regular treatment to improve and maintain the “improved” state of my spine.

Thank you for improving my spine and back condition, Dr. Sherry!