Our Patient's Voice — Yung Yung

Yung Yung Image

Date: 20th January, 2014     Attending Doctor: Dr David Sisopha

Describe your overall health prior to your care:

Before visiting Bodyworks Chiropractic, I have experienced constant migraine that is unbearable at certain times.

Due to workload at office, I used to experience weak and tensed shoulder. Feeling easily lethargic, I believe this has contributed a lot to the excessive migraine hand-in-hand.

Lower backache was an issue faced sometimes due to prolonged working hours and inappropriate sitting posture.

How has Chiropractic benefited your health?

After dedicating my time to Bodyworks Chiropractic, I have to admit that I feel more refreshed than before.

Sessions of adjustments and advise by Dr. David, I have gained more confidence in allowing myself to take a breather space to feel healthy. I do face with some headache sometime but there has definitely been reduction in pain and occurrence.

My breathing has become a lot smoother than my usual panting while walking short distances. I am able to sleep better now. I believe I will get on par with a healthy body in due time.