Our Patient's Voice — Priscilla

Priscilla Image

Date: 9th May, 2017     Attending Doctor: Dr Simon Shen

Thankful to Dr Simon Shen for his patience and attention to details, especially since I’ve had a surgery done to have titanium plates and screws infused with my L5/S1.

Dr Simon has to work around my post surgical area in order to help with my pain at L4/L5 and numbness in my legs and feet. Although it was a slow progression, I see and feel better now (after 13 sessions). I can now walk further than 5 steps without feeling numbness.

I truly appreciate the recommendation of equipment used during my sessions with Dr Simon and I’m sure to continue these sessions as I understand that my lumbar spine will never be 100%. At least this is a much better alternative compared to having a second SURGERY!!! :)

I’m also thankful to the ladies who have assisted with my electric stimulation therapy and traction machine and my appointment booking and payment.