Our Patient's Voice — Rosselle

Rosselle Image

Date: 1st April, 2014     Attending Doctor: Dr David Sisopha

Describe your overall health prior to your case :

  • I was usually awaken at least 3 times during the night
  • I tend to put my weight on the right side as I feel my left side is too weak probably because of past injury on my left hip, left ankle and little toe in separate occasion years back
  • Pain on my upper back and left shoulder and numbness on my right forearm probably due to prolonged use of laptop and laptop mouse as required in my IT profession. I would have to frequently stretch my shoulder back to lessen the pain on a daily basis
  • Unconsciously raising my shoulders as I usually feel a tired back
  • Always slouching as I easily feel tired when in a straight position

How has Chiropractic benefited your health ?

  • I now have a more restful sleep and less waking up during the night
  • I’ve become more balanced and flexible, standing on both feet and equally distributing my weight as I feel a stronger left side of my body
  • I find myself in a straight posture most of the time and find it easy to get back to the proper position whenever I find myself slouching
  • Upper back pain was gone. Right shoulder pain and numbness of forearm has lessened by also keeping in mind the correct posture as advised by the doctor when in front of the computer
  • I feel that I am developing a stronger back by following the routine exercise as prescribed by the doctor
  • Generally feel more confident to do outdoor activities like running, swimming and biking

Thanks to my friend who’s also a patient of Dr David Sisopha, Sheila who has introduced me to the Chiropractic care