Our Patient's Voice — Jun Pei

Jun Pei Image

Date: 7th July, 2017     Attending Doctor: Dr Sherry Wang

Describe your overall health prior to your care:

I experienced headaches and back pain (upper back & lower back) before my treatment journey at Bodyworks Chiropractic. In particular, I often felt numbness & stiffness in my lower back and a sharp pain at times in my lower back when I lie down. I also suffered from a back injury when I was much younger.

How has Chiropractic benefited your health?

Dr Sherry has been a wonderful physician and doctor in my treatment journey. She has patiently seen me through my physical examination, my x-ray readings and to understanding my health history before beginning my chiropractic adjustment. Not only did the adjustments helped in reducing the pain in my lower and upper back, and my headaches, I also benefited from the exercises taught by Dr. Sherry. I have also come to understand how making our environment (ie. ergonomics) suitable for our working needs and being conscious of our own body is essential and complementary to recovery.