Our Patient's Voice — Sheila

Sheila Image

Date: 10th December, 2013     Attending Doctor: Dr David Sisopha

Describe your overall health prior to your care:

I was in constant pain for 2 years and felt like a breathing log. My muscles are always stiff and had difficulty doing a lot of things I used to do.

My head rotation was so bad that I can’t rotate my head fully sideways, backward and forward.

Stiffness in the neck extends to my jaw which prevented me from enjoying things I love to do - baking, eating, karaoke :)

The excruciating pain have caused me anxiety and affected my work, family and social life.

Numbness and tingling sensation in the arms and fingers are very common.

Had seen a few doctors (ortho, neuro, etc.) but was asked to take painkillers and advised the degeneration of the bone is irreversible and there is nothing I can do but bear the pain.

Had undergone TCM (acupuncture) to eliminate the pain but regular needle pain is just not acceptable and tolerable.

How has Chiropractic benefited your health?

Muscle flexibility has improved tremendously.

Head rotation is a lot better.

Relief from muscle tension/ stress.

No needles/ painkillers. I feel healthier by not taking any medicines.

Instant relief from 2 years of muscle pain. I can now play physical games with my son and friends without worrying about pain.

Bodyworks Chiropractic has definitely given me hope (especially my Dr David) to live a normal and active life.

I’m just thankful I met Bodyworks Chiropractic.