Physiotherapy Modalities

Our clinic offers adjunctive Physiotherapy modalities alongside Chiropractic care to strengthen damaged soft tissues and restore normal muscle tone to the injured area. The use of these various physical modalities also helps control inflammation and restore normal blood flow to the affected region.

Heat Therapy


Tension developing in the muscles and soft tissues surrounding the spine can restrict proper circulation and can send pain signals to the brain. Heat therapy helps relieve pain from the muscle spasm, reduce muscle tension, and restore circulation into the injured area.



One of the best immediate treatments for an acute injury or the beginning phase of an injury is cold therapy. It prohibits the inflammatory cascade and can significantly reduce the severity of an injury. It helps control swelling and pain while speeding up recovery.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)


TENS is a non-invasive, low-risk device that uses electrical current to stimulate the nerves. It produces a mild current that can block pain signals from certain parts of the body from being transmitted to the brain. It can also raise endorphins levels, which are the natural pain killers produced by the brain.

G5 Professional Massager


The G5 massager is recognized as one of the world’s most reliable and powerful massager. It helps increase joint range of motion by breaking down scar tissue and relaxing tense muscle. It also enhances local and general circulation of blood and drainage of lymphatic fluids.